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RWP (Renaissance Women Productions) is a project of the Renaissance Foundation, a non-profit organization. Your purchase here on goes directly into the foundation and towards our mission to find new and emerging talent and give them opportunities. 

Dove Foundation Approved
"Writer and director Nina May has outdone herself with this completely fresh, utterly addictive, faith-based show. Each episode is paced perfectly; there is always enough storyline to keep you wanting more." 

DAILY BREAD has won over 30 Awards


"I"am so hooked on Daily Bread. I have connected with the characters completely. Looking forward to seeing how the story concludes for this first season. You guys have done an amazing job."

~ Isaac Hernandez 

"I loved it from the first episode. I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens with the characters and the rest of the story. . ."

~Barry Morgenstein

"The Daily Bread Series is a refreshing departure from the usual bleak and hopeless, post-apocalyptic fare. It engages you at every level and keeps you wanting more."

~Armstrong Williams

 "I was hooked after the first episode."

~ Gov. Mike Huckabee

"Well, I loved it. The editing is particularly great. Love the background sound also as it sets a lighter feeling versus doom. "
~Kim Alexis

"I urge the government and people to watch this show and prepare for this inevitability."
~Tony & Alyse Lo Bianco

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