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All six episodes of Daily Bread, Season One, Part One on one DVD set for you to enjoy. 


Daily Bread (Episodes 1-6)


Seven millennial women, armed with cookbooks and guns, after the world is darkened by a solar flare, choose to not just survive, but thrive as they work to rebuild civilization. An uptight real estate agent is pushed beyond her limits to survive, she goes on a trek in the post apocalyptic world to get to her sister's prepper camp. A group of young women find themselves stranded at hotel in a small town after the flare, a leader rises among them to defend their new home.

Daily Bread is a series of interconnected stories with an ensemble cast about regular people that are challenged to survive in a post apocalyptic world, and find out that it takes more than supplies and guns to not just survive, but it takes faith to thrive . . 

Daily Bread (Episodes 1-6) - Limited Edition DVD Set

  • 2017

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