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What happens when two people who have just experienced devastating, heart breaking losses encounter each other on a lonely stretch of beach at the edge of the world? They both deal with disappointment differently and while Adam tries to end it all by swimming out beyond the reef, Christa, who is looking for a new start, providentially saves him from drowning.


The two baby boomers spend the night on the beach, Dec. 31, 1999, resenting and totally misjudging each other as they reflect on life, their similar childhood experiences, and the reality that there is purpose in every life.


This encounter teaches both of them that first impressions are usually inaccurate and that things are never as they seem. The reality of who they each are grows brighter with the dawn of a new day … in a new millennium. 


The threads of their lives have been woven together by the hands of Christa’s loving nanny, Abbie, who spent her life guiding Christa on the path to success. She was responsible for Christa’s fashion business and her climb to greatness as Christa watched Abbie scale and conquer her own Everest of oppression and discrimination.


As the evening progresses, the tapestry that was woven years ago by Abbie, comes into sharper focus. She arranged for philanthropist, Adam Richardson, to see Christa’s designs, which resulted in his investing in her, over 20 years before this evening. 


If he had not believed in Christa years ago, she would not be here now, saving his life, which ironically ends up saving hers in an unexpected twist at the end.  And none of these lives would have been impacted had a loving nanny, not sacrificially given her life for a little girl who she loved and believed in, realizing that you overcome by helping others overcome.


For Boomers Only (PDF version)

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