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Red, Stan and Sunny O’Brian, three baby boomer brothers in their sixties, are faced with a four pronged invasion of the country and each must do what they can to defend the United States, in their own way.

Along with their sons, grandchildren and extended family, they do whatever it takes to stop this invasion by forces that would destroy it from within by using systems and infrastructure that were designed to make our lives easier.

The three brothers and the cocky female pilot, Charlie, represent the five branches of the military and they each do what they have to, with the extended families of cowboys, bikers and fishermen to save the country.

Red, the cowboy rallies his riders to prevent the destruction of downtown Dallas, while his biker brother Stan, on his way to Sturgis, foals a plan to launch an air strike on the nation from the heart of the country, Nebraska. And Sunny, the retired Naval commander, spends his life as a fishermen, but is also responsible for organizing the new Naval Militia.

With, boats, planes and trucks, the plan is set for the “four horsemen” to cripple the nation and take over from within. But they forgot to take one very important element into consideration in their very flawed plan …  the will and might of the American people to defend what is theirs against enemies, foreign and domestic.


 “As Red and the other cowboys rode away, dust billowing behind them like it did behind Stan and his fellow bikers, there was a similarity of purpose and pride in a country that gave them freedom to ride the open highways or the open plains, or even for Sunny, the open waters. It was about freedom for all of them, and they knew it was this freedom they must now defend and preserve.”

Cowboys, Bikers and Fisherman (EPUB version)

  • Cowboys, Bikers and Fishermen captures not only the spirit of America, but the heart and soul of real Americans. Between its covers we experience the reality that America is far more than a vast land sandwiched between two oceans.  Rather, its true identity is revealed in a fixed set of passionate principles such as Freedom and Liberty, all resting firmly upon the unshakeable bedrock of America's Judeo-Christian foundations.  These principles are the true essence of every American who, consciously or not, defends them as passionately and instinctively as an inviolable birthright.  Nina May has tapped into the warrior spirit which transcends all American walks of life; that spirit which: established, secured and maintains this great nation under God.

    Dr. Wm. Scott Magill
    USMC/ Army Medical Corps
    Executive Director
    Veterans in Defense of Liberty™


    "Nina May has written a revealing page turning book that tells the story of true Americans coming together in desperate times, rising up to fight for the freedom we love and take for granted.  This book will inspire the true patriot in each of us."


    Tony Lo Bianco

    Actor | Director | Writer | Producer

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