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First Lady Special Streaming Event

First Lady will be available to stream as a special pre-release for our RWP insiders. 

This stream will only be available through November, 2020. 

First Lady
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First Lady

It's a classic romantic comedy with the backdrop of presidential politics & royal charm. Starring Nancy Stafford and Corbin Bernsen, with a stellar ensemble cast.

With your purchase, you are making a donation to the Renaissance Foundation and will be able to stream "First Lady", rental is for a three day term, and if you buy you can stream it forever. This is a special private stream, that RWP wanted to share with our RWP insiders before it's wide release later this year.

“First Lady” is a romantic comedy about a woman, not married to the president, who runs for the office of First Lady. However, she winds up getting a much better proposal than she ever expected. She is torn between a promise and her calling.

In this modern day fairytale, when President Morales dies in office, his widow, Kate, agrees to help the VP, Taylor Brooks in his bid for the presidency. She must stop Mallory, the ditzy wife of their competitor, from destroying the dignity of the position.

Kate and Taylor win, but their agendas butt heads and baby boomers clash with millennials while Mallory is determined to destroy Kate.

Max, the prince of her youth, now, literally a King, comes back into her life, disguised as a bodyguard, making her a better offer than First Lady.

"First Lady” is a modern fairytale for the whole family about an autumn romance with a twist. Nina May has written and directed a classic style romantic comedy that harkens back to a genre we all love.

The story shows what could happen when two people lead successful lives apart and reunite later in life to find their happily ever after.

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